Joni the Sky Diving Chimp 677

Joni the Sky Diving Chimp

Joni shows how easy it is to get a car insurance quote with Bingle – while jumping blindfolded from a plane with one arm tied behind her back!




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Die Oster Überraschung 595

Die Oster Überraschung – #DerWahreOsterhase

Am reich gedeckten Ostertisch kommt man schon mal ins Grübeln: Wo kommt der Osterhase her und wieso bringt er ausgerechnet Eier? Er ist doch kein Huhn, oder doch? In der Geschichte vom Osterhasen und der Oster Überraschung finden Sie die rührenden Antworten.




If Carlsberg Did Haircuts 1007

If Carlsberg Did Haircuts…

If Carlsberg did a Youtube description of a haircuts film it would probably be intriguing and mysterious, tease you with the prospect of a film filled with delicious beer, razor sharp comedy. And also the most precise wet shaves known to man, reinventions of the barbershop quartet and the world’s coolest dog. But still have have no spoilers, and basically be the best Youtube description of a haircuts film in the world.